Cross-Border &
International Payments

WayPay provides competitive exchange rates and payments sent to 130+ countries around the globe.

Competitive Foreign Exchange Rates

Utilize our real-time exchange tools to secure competitive foreign exchange rates. 

WayPay leverages consolidated customer buying power to offer you competitive rates for 100+ currencies.

Save Time & Money On All Your Business Payments

Powerful International Payment Solutions


Competitive Exchange Rates

Utilize our in-app, real time exchange tools to secure competitive USD rates. We leverage our consolidated customer buyer power to offer competitive rates for 100+ currencies.


Combine Credit & FX

Combine WayPay’s in-app foreign exchange tools with your preferred credit card and create a powerful way to fund and pay suppliers around the world.


Make Payments To 130+ Countries

No matter where in the world you need to send a payment, WayPay has you covered. You can send payments to more than 130+ countries without ever leaving your desk!

Save Time & Money Using WayPay