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Simplify Business Payments
The inefficiencies of making business payments with hand-written cheques have been a business concern for some time. While the process is time-consuming at the front end, reconciliation of accounts and receivable can also be challenging.


Improving that process formed the foundation of WayPay.


Our team of business professionals set about to create a more streamlined payment solution.


WayPay is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to pay and manage all the business expenses of an organization digitally.

Businesses access their existing bank accounts and credit cards in one easy-to-use platform, and all payments are made online. There are many financial and organizational benefits, and record keeping is all in one place too, at your fingertips.


While over 51% of companies still write cheques to pay bills and make other payments, the WayPay process streamlines everything and improves cash flow too.


Our mission was to make business payments simple and more cost effective – and that is what still drives everyone in our organization each and every day.



Meet The WayPay Leadership Team


Roberto Ramesar, CPA

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

A Chartered Professional Accountant by trade, Roberto left a high profile career at KPMG to open his own accounting practice.  After two decades of experience working with corporate clients on matters ranging from complex financial transactions to corporate income tax preparation, he identified one consistent frustration felt by many of his clients – the inefficiencies in making and reconciling business payments. From this emerged WayPay business payments solution and today, Roberto and his team are taking care of business.


Hootan Arbab

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

With more than 20 years experience in the Canadian financial industry and specifically B2B payment solutions, Hootan is the technical genius behind the WayPay’s second-generation platform.  Cited by industry experts as one of North America’s leading B2B payments platform, Hootan’s leadership drives continual innovation into our product offering.  Hootan oversees the in-house team of developers and operations staff, ensuring the very best user experience for all of our clients.


Robert Bast

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

Robert is a proven strategic business leader with 18 years of experience in the financial and technology services industry. During his career, Robert has worked at several major banks and credit card networks and has helped to launch business strategies and products both in Canada and around the world.  He has consulted with hundreds of small businesses, large market organizations and enterprise companies on topics ranging from simple payment optimization strategies to account reconciliation and payment process re-engineering plans. As Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of WayPay, he is responsible for the development of key partner strategies, go-to-market and growth plans, and a positive customer sales and acquisition experience. 


Paul Chappel

Vice President, Partner Success

Paul heads up partner relationships developing, fostering and supporting WayPay’s growing set of strategic alliances.  With 20 years of experience in financial services and lending, Paul brings industry leading insight into the team to help strengthen our product offering for clients. His coaching, support and leadership of the sales team ensure that our clients are kept up-to-date with not only the latest WayPay product offerings but also industry and SMB best practices.


Paul Abrams

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

With two decades of marketing and sales experience across both B2B and B2C organizations, Paul understands the importance of having a tight alignment between sales and marketing.  Paul oversees the team responsible for the creative positioning, advertising, communications and channel partner relationships which all fuel the organization’s exponential client acquisition strategies.  In this role, he also provides expertise and best practices for sales processes ensuring sales activities are aligned, focused and contributing to the overall strategic plan.

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