The Powerful B2B Payments Platform

Automate, pay, and reconcile domestic and international invoices.
accounts payable
Effortlessly Transition to 100% Electronic Payments
Our Supplier Enablement & Accounts Payable Team continues to add to our database of 150,000+ suppliers and maintain each supplier’s preferred electronic payment type. WayPay will notify you if it finds a supplier enabled for electronic payments.
Multiple Payment Methods
Our methods include: electronic funds transfer (EFT), ACH, wire, bill payment, and cheque
Fast & Easy Payments
Making payments has never been easier with WayPay
Combine Funding
Combine multiple funding sources to make single supplier payments
Centralize Your Accounts
A multi-funding, multi-payment, and multi-currency solution
Truly Global Reach
Send payments to 130+ countries using the in-app foreign exchange with 100+ currencies
Multi-Level Approvals
Improve AP workflow with multi-level approvals and account permissions
View & Combine Funds to Make Supplier Payments
Access and view your bank accounts, supplier information and payment history right from your computer or mobile phone. Send electronic payments, wires and even cheques from any combination of connected accounts.

Save Time & Money Using WayPay

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