Business-To-Business Payments

& Accounts Payable Solutions​​

Powerful Payment Solutions


9 Payment Methods

Our methods include Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Wire, Credit Card, Virtual Card, ACH & Cheque.

Real-Time FX

Access in-app currency exchange for 100+ currencies.

International Payments

Make payment to the US and 130+ other countries.

Anything With Credit Cards

Pay any business expense with your credit card including rent, payroll, inventory, even your taxes!

All Your “Banking” In One Place

WayPay works with major Canadian banks, credit unions and card networks. It allows you to connect and access your existing bank and credit card accounts and easily pay suppliers, contractors, and employees. You can also combine sources of funds to send individual or batch payments.  With up to 9 payment methods available, you will never have to leave your computer to make a payment again.

Accounting Software

Automation & Reconciliation

WayPay is pre-integrated into the world’s leading accounting systems giving you a “tech-free” way to power up your payables.

Connect WayPay directly to your preferred accounting solution and automatically view, pay and reconcile approved bills or invoices.

Eliminating manual journal entries will simplify everything and save time, reduce errors, and create digital records.

WayPay integrates with Quickbooks/Intuit, Sage, SAP Concur, Xero and other leading AP platforms.

The WayPay Advantage


Reduce Payment Costs

Innovative and intelligent electronic payment functionality coupled with industry leading costs ensure domestic and international payment costs are always minimized.

Save Time

Automated reconciliation, approval workflows, supplier enablement resources and industry-leading mobile functionality have already helped businesses redeploy time back into their business.

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Fast & Easy Payments

WayPay offers same day or next day payment options and ensures payments are made based on your instructions.

Improve Supplier Relationships

Provide your suppliers with better reconciliation information and increase adoption of electronic payments.
Save Time & Money Using WayPay